Why do we get addicted to drugs?

Image of Margie Skeer
Margie Skeer
Assistant Professor, Public Health & Community Medicine

Why do we have daylight saving time?

Image of Michael Downing
Michael Downing
Lecturer, English

How do falcons hunt?

Image of Maureen Murray
Maureen Murray
Clinical Assistant Professor, Wildlife Clinic

Why are there famines?

Image of Jennifer Coates
Jennifer Coates
Assistant Professor, Food Policy & Applied Nutrition

How does pollution affect us?

Image of Doug Brugge
Doug Brugge
Professor, Public Health & Community Medicine

Why do we experience childhood?

Image of Jayanthi Mistry
Jayanthi Mistry
Assoc. Professor, Child Study & Human Development

Why is the sky blue?

Image of Anna Sajina
Anna Sajina
Assist. Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Why do we have spite?

Image of Patrick Forber
Patrick Forber
Assoc. Professor, Philosophy

Why are there cities?

Image of Julian Agyeman
Julian Agyeman
Professor, Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning

Why do we have cravings?

Image of Susan B. Roberts
Susan B. Roberts
Senior Scientist, Energy Metabolism