Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Image of Maria Papageorge
Maria Papageorge
Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Why do we have music?

Image of Joseph Auner
Joseph Auner
Professor, Music

Why do we forget?

Image of Ayanna Thomas
Ayanna Thomas
Assoc. Professor, Psychology

Why do we dance?

Image of Aniruddh Patel
Aniruddh Patel
Assoc. Professor, Psychology

Why do cats purr?

Image of Nicholas Dodman
Nicholas Dodman
Professor, Animal Behaviour & Clinical Sciences

Why is the ocean salty?

Image of Andrew Kemp
Andrew Kemp
Assist. Professor, Earth and Ocean Sciences

Why do leaves change color?

Image of George Ellmore
George Ellmore
Assoc. Professor, Biology

Why do we stereotype?

Image of Sam Sommers
Sam Sommers
Assoc. Professor, Psychology